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Are YOU the hero of your real estate firm?

Realtors/Future Realtors: Deciding which company to go with can be an anxious and difficult process. When deciding which company to choose we recommend evaluating the companies website. It’s easy and it doesn’t require the commitment of an interview. How do they showcase their agents? Can you find yourself on your companies website? Are your listings featured? Is it clean, clear, and helpful? Is it outdated and hard to navigate? At some point the owner or executive staff have sat down with a web designer and answered a series of questions. These answers determine functionality and layout but more importantly they tell the story of what’s most important to the company. There are several great companies in Knoxville. Make sure you do research before just “hanging your license”.

Hopefully our website tells the story of a company who values it’s agents. We’re grateful for a team that values people over profit. Our agents are the heroes of our company. Our executive staff are simply the guides. The same holds true for our clients. They are the heroes. We are the guides.