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Our Story

Justin Bailey founded Bailey & Co. on Feb 1st, 2016, but that wasn’t the beginning of the story. The story began nearly 100 years prior to that when his great grandmother, Myrtle Gill, sold her first property in what was then called Powell Station, a small town on the north end of Knoxville, TN. Now this quaint community, simply known as Powell, runs deep with Bailey heritage. In fact, Justin’s Great Grandmother, Grandfather and both of his parents have all been real estate Brokers. Four Generations and a lot of hard work later Justin Bailey founded his own independent brokerage, Bailey & Co. Real Estate. His father and mother, Larry and Laura Bailey, are agents with the company and have no end in sight. Their tireless work ethic and personal care for clients has shaped much of what Bailey & Co. is today.

The guiding principles of Bailey & Co. are what make it unique: family, community, honesty, and customer service. Our mission statement is very simple; People Over Profit. We aim to run every decision made through those three words. We at Bailey & Co. value family, not only our own, but yours as well. In that, we want the home buying experience to be a helpful and memorable experience for your entire family. Knoxville is divided into unique communities that revolve around neighborhoods and local schools. We believe neighborhood centric real estate service is the perfect way to connect a client with an expert in that particular corner of the world. We also pride ourselves on community focused civic service, including everything from teacher luncheons and community parades to developing green space projects. And we always have an eye out for how our town can be better.

Most recently Bailey & Co. was strategic in mapping, planning and financially participating in the creation of a 12 acre, 9 hole community disc golf course in the park directly behind our office. These are the things that excite us! Not only helping people find a home and a community but helping to make that community a better one.

It is our aim to provide unprecedented customer service to our clients that helps them find the ideal home in the ideal community. We have chosen independent brokerage because we want to chart our own course and create our own culture. Independent brokerage allows us to break free of the big box store model and focus on the client, not the deal. We are particular in the agents we choose. Our agents are high caliber, quality character individuals who value people over profit. We cannot wait to serve you and your real estate needs.