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Stephanie Bushore joins Bailey & Co.

We are excited to welcome Stephanie Bushore to Bailey & Company. Stephanie is a fantastic agent who has gained a large amount of trust from her clients over the years. Stephanie brings a great sense of humor and a noticeable vulnerability in the way she cares for her clients and makes people feel safe under her guidance.

Stephanie told me a story last week that I thought captured her perfectly. She received a lead via Zillow regarding a house she didn’t have listed. After a long conversation with the young man on the phone, it became apparent that he most likely suffered from some type of mental illness and was actually calling because the house in question was his old home. She learned that his family had moved several months ago and he found the old listing on Zillow. He was sad and confused about the situation and got ahold of Stephanie on accident while trying to look at pictures of his previous home.  “I talked to him for a while and tried to help him understand what probably happened”, she said.

I can assure you most people would have hung up the second they realized this wasn’t a sales call. Or at best hurried off the phone. Stephanie however, said, “I didn’t mind. I was glad to get the call and try to help him. It wasn’t about a sale to me.” Stephanie is one of the good ones! From our very first interaction I knew I wanted Stephanie to represent the Bailey & Co. brand in the Knoxville market. She is a perfect fit in our core desire to value people over profit. To stand out in our industry as real estate consultants who are here to serve people above all else. If you’ve ever worked with Stephanie then you know this to be true. If you haven’t had the pleasure yet, then you are in store for fantastic customer service and care. Not to mention a lot of laughs!

Stephanie, I am grateful to get to work along side you. Welcome to the Bailey & Co. family.


Justin Bailey
Principal Broker | Owner
Bailey & Co. Real Estate